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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are so pleased to announce...

Photo courtesy TOM BRODNAX

The Georgia Organics Barbara Petit Pollinator of the Year Award for 2012 goes to...
Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson for producing GROW!

The award honors an individual or organization for outstanding community leadership in pollinating Georgia's sustainable farming and food movement.

We are happy (obviously) to receive this honor along with the generous cash reward that comes with it, so we have decided to put it to 'good pollinator' use.

Starting today we will be lowering the price of the Home Screening to $15 making it more affordable so that GROW! can continue to spread the word about our young farmers here in Georgia and help to inspire more people to take up farming or offer support to those who have chosen to do so.

Go to: GROW! Home Screening DVD

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