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Monday, November 26, 2012

New Price for Deluxe Edition DVD!!!

Get your farmer on! 

"There's a resurgence of people interested in getting back on the land and growing something, doing something, producing something." Wes, Riverview Farms

Own the 60 minute GROW! Deluxe DVD with 30 minutes of Extras:
 -Behind The Scenes
 -So You Wanna Be A Farmer
 -Learning To Farm
 -Filmmaker Interview
 -Little Country Giants music video: "I Think Of You"

Now available for $15.95 in the GROW! Store at growmovie.net

"GROW! is a story that does not seek to convince the moviegoer of any particular viewpoint, but instead offers the opportunity to understand a new generation of farmer..." CIVIL EATS

"The obvious risk of a documentary featuring 20 insanely earnest and hardworking young farmers in Georgia is that it had better be really good... It does not disappoint." MISSOULA INDEPENDENT

Average age of a farmer is 57!  Who is going to be growing our food? 
Meet the answers.

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